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Kurunjang Secondary 08

Schools & Flexible Learning Options

Brimbank & Melton Secondary & Primary Schools

Copperfield CollegeCollege Administration
Goldsmith Avenue Delahey

Copperfield College
Delahey Senior Campus
(Yrs 11 - 12)
Goldsmith Avenue Delahey9307-5555
Kings Park Junior Campus
(Yrs 7 - 10)
Kambalda Circuit Kings Park9365-4111
Sydenham Junior Campus
(Yrs 7 - 10)
Community Hub, Sydenham9361-3888
Keilor Downs Secondary College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
100-110 Odessa Avenue, Keilor Downs9367-4200
Keilor Downs College
St Albans Secondary College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
Main Road East St Albans9366-2555
St Albans Secondary College
Sunshine CollegeCollege Administration
Graham St Sunshine
Sunshine College
Ardeer Campus (Yrs 7 - 10)Cnr Glengala & Allison St Ardeer8311-5200
North Campus (Yrs 7-10)Northumberland Rd Sunshine8311-5200
West Campus (Yrs 7 - 10)Closed 2018- to be re-built
Senior Campus (Yrs 11 - 12)Graham St Sunshine8311-5200
Harvester Technical College (Campus of Sunshine College)Suffolk Rd North Sunshine8311-5555
Harvester Technical College
Taylors Lakes Secondary College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
1-39 Parmelia Drive Taylors Lakes9390-3130
Taylors Lakes Secondary College
Victoria University Secondary
Victoria University Secondary College
Brimbank Campus
(Yrs 10 -12)
5a Jamieson St St Albans8312-0200
Deer Park Campus
(Yrs 7 - 9)
88 Billingham Rd Deer Park9363-1155
Jackson School
(Yrs Prep - 12)
Mulhall Drive St Albans9364-1937
Jackson School
Catholic Regional College - North Keilor (Yrs 7 - 10)Santa Monica Drive, North Keilor9361-5900
CRC North Keilor
Catholic Regional College - St Albans
(Yrs 7 - 10)
Theodore St St Albans9366-2566
CRC St Albans
Catholic Regional College Sydenham
(Yrs 10 - 12)
380 Sydenham Rd, Sydenham9361-0000
CRC Sydenham
Marian College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
Glengala Rd Sunshine9363-1711
Marian College
Overnewton Anglican Community
Overnewton Anglican Community College
Keilor Campus (Yrs P - 12)2-30 Overnewton Rd, Keilor9334-0000
Taylors Lakes Campus27-57 Robertsons Rd, Taylors Lakes9334-0000
Sirius College (Ibrahim Dellal Campus)
(Yrs P-10)
515 Fitzgerald Rd Sunshine 30209363-5300
Sirius College

Brookside College
(Yrs Prep - 9)
Federation Way Caroline Springs9361-4201
Brookside College
Creekside College
(Yrs Prep - 9)
The Crossing, Caroline Springs9361-4202
Creekside College
Kurunjang Secondary College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
Kurunjang Drive, Melton9747-9211
Kurunjang Secondary College
Lakeview Senior College (Yrs 10 - 12)College St Caroline Springs9361-4203
Lakeview College
Melton Secondary College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
Coburns Rd, Melton9743-3322
Melton Secondary College
Springside College
(Yrs Prep - 9)
Becca Way, Caroline Springs9361-4204
Springside College
Springside West Secondary College
(Years 7,8,10 & 11)
135 City Vista Court Plumpton8357-7100
Springside West Secondary College
Staughton College
(Yrs 7 - 12)
Wilson Rd, Melton South9743-4622
Staughton College
Melton Specialist School
(Yrs Prep - 12)
Coburns Rd Melton9743-4966
Melton Specialist School
Catholic Regional College - Caroline Springs
(Yrs 7 - 10)
College Drive, Caroline Springs9217-8000
CRC Caroline Springs
Catholic Regional College - Melton
(Years 7 - 10)
109 - 141 Bulmans Rd, Melton9743-6522
CRC Melton
Al Iman College (K - 8)20-40 Rees Rd Melton South 9743-4140
Aliman College
Australian International Academy (Caroline Springs Campus) (P - 12)183-191 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs8372-5446
Gilson College
(Yrs Prep - 12)
450 Taylors Rd, Taylors Hill9365-9365
Glenvale School (P - 12)1/3 Killarney Drive Melton9747-3337
Melton Christian College
(Yrs Prep - 12)
152-156 Brooklyn Rd, Melton South9743-8193
Melton Christian College
Southern Cross Grammar
(Yrs Prep to 12)
Cnr Gourlay Rd & Lancefield Drive
Caroline springs
An educational intervention program aimed for young people aged 12-14.
Sunshine College
Graham St
Sunshine College OASIS
Sunshine College Deaf Facility
Supports learning outcomes for the hearing impaired.
Senior College (Yrs 11 & 12)
Graham St Sunshine
Fax/TTY: (03) 9311-2547
Sunshine College
Ardeer Campus (Yrs 7-10)
Cnr Glengala Rd & Allison St Ardeer
Fax/TTY: (03) 9311-2547
Sunshine College
Caters for students who have disengaged or are in process of disengaging from mainstream schooling. Program aimed at 12-18 yr olds.
Cnr Rees & Wilson Rd Melton (rear of VU building)9746-2566
CaLM School

Albanvale Primary SchoolDover St St Albans 30219367-2197
Albanvale Primary School
Albion Primary SchoolAdelaide St Albion 30209311-1325
Albion Primary School
Albion North Primary SchoolFurlong Rd Sunshine North 30209312-5900
Albion North Primary School
Ardeer Primary SchoolSuspension St Ardeer 30229363-1194
Ardeer Primary School
Cairnlea Park Primary SchoolCarmody Drive Cairnlea 30239363-1187
Cairnlea Park Primary School
Deer Park North Primary SchoolMawson Avenue Deer Park 30239363-4600
Deer Park North Primary School
Deer Park West Primary SchoolQuinn St Deer Park 30239363-3519
Deer Park West Primary School
Derrimut Primary School40 Lennon Parkway Derrimut 30308361-1000
Derrimut Primary School
Glengala Primary SchoolKermeen St Sunshine West 30209311-7810
Glengala Primary School
Keilor Views Primary SchoolSwindon Crescent, Keilor Downs 30389367-7466
Keilor Views Primary School
Keilor Primary SchoolKennedy St Keilor 30369336-7098
Keilor Primary School
Kings Park Primary School128b Gillespie Rd St Albans 30219367-6555
Kings Park Primary School
Mackellar Primary School29-35 Goldsmith Avenue Delahey 30379364-0200
MacKellar Primary School
Monmia Primary SchoolCopernicus Way Delahey 30379364-1007
Monmia Primary School
Movelle Primary SchoolGum Rd St Albans 30219366-8892
Movelle Primary School
St Albans East Primary SchoolStation Avenue St Albans East 30219366-2071
St Albans East Primary School
St Albans Heights Primary SchoolStradbroke Drive St Albans 30219366-3127
St Albans Heights Primary School
St Albans Meadows Primary SchoolLaurel St St Albans 30219364-6144
St Albans Meadows Primary School
St Albans North Primary SchoolGeorge St St Albans 30219366-2029
St Albans North Primary School
St Albans Primary SchoolWest Esplanade St Albans 30219366-2832
St Albans Primary School
Stevensville Primary School52 Kings Rd St Albans 30219366-1381
Stevensville Primary School
Sunshine Harvester Primary School132 Hertford Rd Sunshine 30219311-1234
Sunshine Harvester Primary School
Sunshine Heights Primary School1-19 Mailey St West Sunshine 30209311-2910
Sunshine Heights Primary School
Sunshine North Primary School65 Suffolk Rd Sunshine North 30209311-2400
Sunshine Primary SchoolCnr Hampshire & Derby Rds Sunshine 30208311-5700
Sunshine Primary School
Sydenham-Hillside Primary SchoolSydenham Campus:
Community Hub Sydenham 3037

Hillside Campus:
Wattle Valley Drive Sydenham 3037
9361-5300 (Sydenham)
9361-5400 (Hillside)
Sydenham-Hillside Primary School
Taylors Hill Primary School40-50 Loddon Drive Taylors Hill 30379361-4900
Taylors Lakes Primary School
University Park Primary SchoolLister St St Albans 30219366-1356
University Park Primary School
Emmaus Catholic Primary School370 Sydenham Rd Sydenham 30379390-4500
Emmaus Catholic Primary School
Holy Eucharist Primary School1a Oleander Drive St Albans South 30219366-2899
Holy Eucharist Primary School
Mother of God Primary School67 Blanche St Ardeer 30209363-1734
Mother of God Primary School
Resurrection Catholic Primary School51 Gum Rd Kings Park 30219366-7022
Resurrection Primary School
Sacred Heart, Catholic Primary School4 Winifred St St Albans 30219366-0022
Sacret Heart Catholic Primary School
St Augustine's Catholic Primary SchoolAugustine's Way Keilor 30369366-4294
St Augustine's Catholic Primary School
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School2 Willey St North Sunshine 30209311-8872
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School
St Mary Mackillop Primary School152 Odessa Avenue Keilor Downs 30389367-6199
St Mary MacKillop Primary School
St Paul's Kealba Catholic School230-240 Sunshine Avenue Kealba 30219366-6033
St Paul's Kealba Catholic School
St Paul's Primary SchoolLinks St West Sunshine 30209363-1568
St Paul's Primary School
St Peter's Chanel School848 Ballarat Rd Deer Park 30239363-1586
St Peter's Chanel School
St Peter's School Sunshine South WestKileen St South West Sunshine 30209312-3147
St Peter's School Sunshine South West
St Therese's School16 Drummartin St Albion 30209311-9070
St Therese's School
Overnewton Anglican Communtiy College (P-12)2-30 Overnewton Drive Keilor 30369334-0000
Overnewton College
Sirius College (P to 8)515 Fitzgerald Rd Sunshine 30209363-5300
Sirus College
Sunshine Christian SchoolCnr Westmoreland & Warwick Rds Sunshine North 30209312-7513
Sunshine Christian School
Arnolds Creek Primary School59 Claret Ash Boulevard Melton 33379732 8300
Arnolds Creek Primary School
Coburn Primary SchoolRichards Rd Melton South 33389743-6077
Coburn Primary School
Exford Primary SchoolExford Rd Exford 33389743-5025
Exford Primary School
Kororoit Creek Primary School130 Tenterfield Drive Burnside Heights 30238358-0600
Kororoit Creek Primary School
Kurunjang Primary SchoolMowbray Crescent Melton 33379743-0633
Kurunjang Primary School
Melton Primary SchoolUnitt St Melton 33379743-5335
Melton Primary School
Melton South Primary School38-46 Exford Rd Melton South 33389743-2922
Melton South Primary School
Melton West Primary SchoolWest Melton Drive Melton West 33379743-5818
Melton West Primary School
Parkwood Green Primary SchoolCnr Gourlay Rd & Community Hub Hillside 30379449-3600
Parkwood Green Primary School
Rockbank Primary School97-105 Westcott Parade Rockbank 33379747-1210
Rockbank Primary School
Toolern Vale & District Primary School361 Creamery Rd Toolern Vale 33379746-1312
Toolern Vale & District Primary School
Wedge Park Primary SchoolCambrian Way West Melton 33379743-7595
Wedge Park Primary School
Cana Catholic Primary School46 Banchory Avenue Hillside 30378390-9200
Cana Catholic Primary School
Christ The Priest Catholic Primary School54 Caroline Springs Boulevard Caroline Springs 30239361-8600
Christ The Priest Catholic Primary School
St Anthony of Padua Catholic SchoolWilson Rd Melton South 33389743-1401
St Anthony of Padua Catholic School
St Catherine's SchoolBulmans Rd Melton West 33379743-2166
St Catherine's School
St Dominic's SchoolChurch St Melton 33379743-6225
St Dominic's School
St George Preca School22-48 Lancefield Drive Caroline Springs 30238390-7352
St George Preca School
Southern Cross GrammarCnr Gourlay & Lancefield Drive, Caroline Springs8363-2000
Southern Cross Grammar

Flexible Learning Options

There are alternative programs available through various community organisations that provide accredited and non-accredited education and training with extra assistance for young people.  They are often suitable for young people who have disengaged from mainstream schooling and/or need extra support to succeed in further education, training and employment.

Pre-VCE, VCE and VCAL Providers:
Centre for Adult Education (CAE)
253 Flinders Lane Melbourne
9652 0611
Centre For Adult Education
VCAL Providers:
Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services
239 Station Rd Melton
8746 1000
Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services
Search - VCAL
Harvester Technical College (campus of Sunshine College)76 Suffolk Rd Sunshine
8311 5555
Harvester Technical College
Hester Hornbrook Academy (an independent school managed by Melbourne City Mission)Visy Cares Hub
80b Harvester Rd Sunshine
1800 517 218
Melbourne City Mission
(Search for Hester Hornbrook)
Inner Melbourne VET Cluster
(Offers specialist VCAL program, Youth2Industry. The program is for young people with learning difficulties and/or mild disabilities.
Level 1 71 Palmerston Cr South Melbourne
9686 2354
Inner Melbourne VET Cluster

Kangan Institute
Also, Indigenous Education Centre
Pearcedale Pde Broadmeadows
13 82 33
Indigenous Education Centre
9279 2354
Kangan Institute
St Josephs Flexible Learning Centre385 Queensberry St North Melbourne
9269 6900
St Josephs Flexible Learning Centre
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The Island (campus of Lynall Community School)189 Urquhart St Coburg
9489 0611
The Island
Victoria University PolytechnicFootscray Nicholson St Campus, Cnr Nicholson & Buckley Sts Footscray
1300 823 387
Victoria University Polytechnic
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Wyndham Community & Education Centre3 Princess Highway
9742 4013
Wyndham Community & Education Centre
At School: Springboard (DHHS at school and post school) For young people 16-21 years who are living in or who have left residential careWCIG 9689 3437
Post School: Skills First Youth Access Initiative (DET). Formerly the fee-waiver initiative, this program supports young people under 22 who have been/or are on a Child Protection Order, Family Court Order or a Youth Justice
Skills First Youth Access Initiative
Post School: Reconnect Engagement and Learning Support Program (DET). Assists young people aged 17plus to enrol and stay in vocational training and to find
Reconnect Engagement and Learning Support Program
VCE Provider:
124 LaTrobe St Melbourne
9925 4518
Search - VCE
HEAD START PROGRAM-Victorian Department of Education and TrainingHead Start is a new model for apprenticeships and traineeships for school students. Head Start students spend more time doing paid, on-the-job training while completing their VCE or VCAL at
Head Start Program