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Hands On Learning

What is the "Hands On Learning" program?

"Hands On Learning" (HOL) is an innovative education program that caters to the different ways young people learn.  It is a flexible and sustainable program that can be implemented into any school and primarily caters for middle years students.  HOL involves two artisan-teachers working collaboratively with small groups of cross-age students on authentic building projects within their school and wider community that provide a platform for students to engage, grow confidence and achieve success at school.

The HOL method fosters strong, long-term relationships that help young people develop the skills and abilities they need to success in work and life, like collaboration, problem-solving, communication, resilience and empathy.  The program give students a reason to stay at school and opens up the possibilities for future pathways into vocational studies and work.

HOL at Brookside P-9 College and also Melton Secondary College

In 2015 Brookside P-9 College introduced the HOL program into their school.  The program has been a huge success in combating school refusal, and improving learning confidence, motivation and school connectedness.  HOL has also promoted student leadership skills and helped older students decide their educational pathway, giving them a strong sense of direction and motivation to do well at school.  Students, parents and members of the community have embraced HOL at Brookside and see it as a great addition to the school curriculum that further engages students with their learning and their community.

Melton Secondary College have also implemented HOL this term and are very excited about the opportunities it will create for their students, school and wider community. This program fills the service gap for students in Years 5-10 and promotes work and life skills as well as vocational pathways.

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