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Indigenous Programs

Indigenous Student Rail Authority Industry Visit

Future Connect aims to connect young people with real world industry experience as part of their pathway preparation to the world of work.  There are many employers with targeted programs to support young indigenous people.  In September 2019 Future Connect partnered with the Brimbank/Melton Department of Education KESO (Koorie Engagement and Support Officer) and the Rail Authority Academy to provide an industry experience visit to the Rail Academy at the Newport Rail site.  Indigenous students from Kurunjang Secondary College and Staughton Secondary College attended on the day where they were hosted by an Indigenous employee from the Rail Academy that provided the students with a lived experience briefing of the Authority's Aboriginal employment program.

Activities for the day included:

  • Hands on activities in Track Building and maintenance
  • Virtual reality experience viewing the daily work of Rail line maintenance employees
  • Briefing on employment pathways and opportunities in the rail Industry from current employees

This industry visit gave the students an understanding of the breadth of career opportunities within the industry as well as the experience of meeting real workers from the rail industry and engaging in conversations with them about workplace practices.

Indigenous Education Centre (IEC) - Bendigo Kangan Institute

In partnership with the IEC at Bendigo Kangan Institute, the BMLLEN organised an Indigenous Experience Open Day for indigenous students from Melton Secondary College and Kurunjang Secondary College on September 7 2016.  The majority of students that attended the day were also participants of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program (see below for further information).  The aim of the Indigenous Experience Day was to complement the AIME mentoring experience and provide a focus for the indigenous students to gather information about further education and pathways programs available to them on completion of their senior schooling.

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience AIME

The BMLLEN has partnered with the organisations listed below to improve educational outcomes for year 9 to 12 indigenous students in Melton and provide them with the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to complete school at the same rate as their peers.

  • Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)
  • Department of Education and Training (DET)- (Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO)-South Western Region
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
  • Melton Secondary College
  • Kurunjang Secondary College
  • Lakeview Senior College
  • Staughton Secondary College

In March 2012 Michelle Marion, Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO) for the South Western region of DET, approached Melton Secondary schools and the BMLLEN with a proposal to begin a partnership with AIME and RMIT to support year 9 to 12 indigenous students from the Melton area.  It was agreed that the Melton Secondary schools would become involved in the year 9 to 12 AIME Outreach program based at RMIT.  This involved the year 9 to 12 indigenous students from the schools attending four full day sessions at RMIT with their mentors from the university.  The students and their AIME mentor maintain contact between the sessions through electronic communication means.  The program is now in its fourth year of operation.

Schools have taken the responsibility to provide a teacher that works with the students and maintains the school based contact for the students and AIME mentor.  The BMLLEN has taken on the responsibility of providing a project officer to work with the KESO in organising and administering the localised aspects of the program most notably transport and administrative travel requirements for the sessions at RMIT.

The partners decided that the Melton students would travel as a group with their teachers to the sessions at RMIT.  The BMLLEN has supported the transport costs associated with ensuring that the students travel as a group with their teachers to attend the university sessions.

To find out more about AIME, visit their website:

Koolin Balit Project

The aim of the Koolit Balit project is to work in partnership with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and key local service providers to implement initiatives to support protective factors to reduce the uptake of high-risk behaviours, promote positive parenting, improve further education opportunities, and increase access to mental health, alcohol and other drug services.  The Koolin Balit Working Party oversees the implementation of the project.  Its membership comprises designated representatives from the Melton community and local agencies, namely:

Koolin Balit Project Membership 
Djerriwarrh Health ServicesBrimbank/Melton LLEN
Aboriginal Literacy FoundationHealth West
Department of Education & Training, South Western Regional office, Koorie Education SupportKirrip Aboriginal Corporation


Click below on the link to access information about the Koolin Balit: Aboriginal Health Strategy: