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Primary/Secondary Transition

Brimbank/Melton LLEN Grade 6/Year 7 Transition Data Project

In 2014 LeadWest commissioned a report entitled "Education and Engagement in Melbourne West".  Within this report it was stated that 6% of 10 to 14 year olds in the Melbourne West area were not attending an educational setting.  This report generated significant discussion within the Brimbank local area as to the exact nature of this data.  In partnership with the Brimbank government schools network, the BMLLEN commissioned a research project to establish localised data on the transition of student's from grade 6 to year 7 in 2016.

The partnership involved 24 local Brimbank primary schools, 6 local secondary schools and the BMLLEN appointed Research Officer to track the transition of the 2015 grade 6 student cohort to their secondary destination in 2016.  The purpose of the research project was to identify transition issues within the local Brimbank school network.  The outcome of the research project was to provide the background data by which the Brimbank schools network use to develop and implement a Strategic Plan to improve the transition outcomes for students with the local Brimbank area.

Approval from DE&T was received for the research work to commence and permission was received from school Principals to access student transition information.  We had the support of 30 out of 36 government schools in the Brimbank area.  Data collection began from all participating primary schools.  Confirmation of secondary enrolments were  undertaken after census day in 2016. Research findings were to be the focus of transition discussions, if the data revealed an issue of disengagement between primary and secondary school.

Project Update:-

  • The research sample registered over 1,100 grade 6 students in the 24 primary schools.
  • Transition to Secondary revealed 56 secondary school destinations.  The researcher, Mary Cahill, was able to gain transition enrolment data from 50 of the 56 destination schools (6 private secondary colleges with 15 potentially enrolled students, declined to participate or did not respond).
  • Of the 1,103 students enrolled in the 50 secondary colleges, 98.4% were confirmed.  1.6% (18 students) were either overseas/interstate or unknown/untraceable.
  • This research will be useful to underpin any future Brimbank area transition projects.

To view the Summary Report of this project, click on the link below:

Primary/Secondary Transition Summary Report 2016