What We Do & Our History

Future Connect (formerly BMLLEN) is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation that works to assist young people to complete Year 12 or its equivalent and improve transition and vocational outcomes for young people in the Brimbank and Melton area.

Future Connect is one of 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks across the State and is funded by State Government.  Future Connect aims to broker sustainable partnerships between schools, business/industry, community groups and parents to improve educational outcomes for young people.

Until December 2018, we were known as the Brimbank/Melton Local Learning and Employment Network.  That year the call was put in May for students in Brimbank and Melton to be part of the re-brand as a Structured Workplace Learning project.  They were given a professional brief to develop a brand mark and produce a style guide with guidance from professional designers.  They went further than that and brainstormed a new name; one that says more about what the organisation does.


Future Connect works in the cities of Brimbank and Melton in Victoria's western metropolitan region.  These communities exist in growth corridors of Melbourne with significant, and growing, populations of young people.  Future Connect works closely with young people, their families, schools and other community groups, local businesses and training organisations to improve the experience of navigating education and training pathways.

Our History

In 2000 the Minister for Post Compulsory Education and Training, the Hon. Lynne Kosky, expressed concern over the number of young people who did not seem to be well served by existing services, many "falling through the cracks".  Too many had not been succeeding at school or dropping out, not continuing with further education and not gaining sufficient skills to meet the needs of employers.

The subsequent "Kirby Report" heard submissions from all over the state, including representatives from Brimbank and Melton.  It was felt that the Kirby Report should support the idea of local actions for local needs, linking agencies and cutting bureaucratic red tape to work for young people.  The Report recommended the formation of Local Learning and Employment Networks.  The Brimbank/Melton LLEN formed in 2002, funded by the State Government.

To find out more about LLENs in Victoria, click on the link below to visit the Victorian State Government LLEN page:

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