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Western Metropolitan Region Education & Industry Awards


Future Connect's work is built around partnerships with key organisations and individuals in the community across the business, education and training, government and non-government agency sectors.

These sectors are represented on our Committee of Management so our strategic direction is informed by the experience and knowledge that comes from each of these sectors.

Future Connect has been successful in working with agencies, schools and community groups in identifying gaps that inhibit young people from achieving success.  Strategic partnerships are then able to be developed with the services and schools to specifically support the young person in need.

This has been the core work of Future Connect (previously known as BMLLEN) since its inception in 2002 and it continues to be the only community organisation working for the benefit of young people taking this role in the community.


Brimbank/Melton Careers Teacher's Network

May Brimbank-Melton Careers Network Mting 001

The BMLLEN lead, through our Project Officer Robin Lockington, administrate and provide clerical support for the network.  The network meets quarterly in Caroline Springs and its ultimate goal is to increase retention and transition outcomes by enhancing career practitioner and MIPS staff professional development and networking capacity.  During 2016, representatives from the following secondary schools and education providers have attended network meetings.

Secondary School & Education Providers who have attended Brimbank/Melton Career Teacher's Network meetings 
Brookside P-9 CollegeCopperfield College
CaLMCRC Melton
CRC North KeilorDjerriwarrh Community & Education Services
Harvester Technical CollegeJackson School
Keilor Downs CollegeKurunjang Secondary School
Lakeview Senior CollegeMarian College
Melton Christian CollegeMelton Secondary College
Melton Specialist SchoolSt Albans Secondary College
Staughton CollegeTaylors Lakes Secondary College
Victoria University Secondary College
Box Hill InstituteBrimbank City Council Youth Services
CollartsDeakin University
Deakin CollegeKangan TAFE
Macleay CollegeRMIT
Victoria University

Koolin Balit Project

The Melton Indigenous Study Assistance Program has been developed and implemented by the Koolin Balit Project Working Committee.  The program provides study assistance for Year 7 to 9 indigenous students at Melton Secondary College and exposes the students to indigenous role models and speakers that achieved successful tertiary educational pathways.  The program is a pre-cursor to students moving into the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program at Years 10-12. In providing the opportunity for indigenous students to be involved in these programs it reaffirms the expectation and belief that indigenous students should be aiming to complete Year 12 and move into Further Education and Training fields.  Future Connect are one of the partners in the Melton Indigenous Study Assistance Program.  Partner organisations are listed below:

  • Djerriwarrh Health Services
  • AIME
  • Melton Secondary College
  • Department of Education and Training (DET)-South Western Regional office-Koorie Education Support Officer
  • Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Click on the link below to access information about the Victorian Government's Koolin Balit: Aboriginal Health Strategy:

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Program

photo-3 people AIME

Future Connect has partnered with the organisations listed below to improve educational outcomes for Year 9 to 12 indigenous students in Melton and provide them with the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to complete school at the same rate at their peers.

  • AIME
  • DET -(Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO)-South Western Region
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
  • Melton Secondary College
  • Kurunjang Secondary College
  • Lakeview Senior College
  • Staughton Secondary College

In March 2012 Michelle Marion, Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO) for the South Western Region of DET, approached Melton Secondary schools and Future Connect with a proposal to begin a partnership with AIME and RMIT to support Year 9 to 12 indigenous students from the Melton area.  It was agreed that the Melton Secondary schools would become involved in the Year 9 to 12 AIME Outreach program based at RMIT.  This involved the Year 9 to 12 indigenous students from these schools attending four full day sessions at RMIT with their mentors from the university.  The students and their AIME mentor maintain contact between the sessions through electronic communication means.  The program is now in its fourth year of operation.

Schools have taken the responsibility to provide a teacher that works with the students and maintains the school based contact for the students and AIME mentor.  Future Connect has taken on the responsibility of providing a project officer to work with the KESO in organising and administering the localised aspects of the program most notably transport and administrative travel requirements for the sessions at RMIT.  The partners decided that the Melton students would travel as a group with their teachers to the sessions at RMIT.  Future Connect has supported the transport costs associated with ensuring that the students travel as a group with their teachers to attend the university sessions.

Community Transition Support (CTS)

CTS-Jackson Photo 2014

The CTS Initiative is funded by the North and West Division of the Department of Health and Human Services and operates across the North and West Metropolitan region of Melbourne.  Future Connect is one of a Consortium of seven LLEN's across the North West Metropolitan Region of Melbourne that is implementing this project.

The initiative will build the capacity of the 22 specialist schools across the region to improve career development practice and broker local strategic partnerships to enhance opportunities for the whole of school community.  The CTS team are working with the 14 Local Government Authorities (LGAs) across the North West Melbourne region and a range of community service providers including Disability Employment Services, Group Training Organisations, Registered Training Organisations, not for profit community services, further education and training providers including TAFE's, Learn Locals, Neighbourhood Houses, industry and business.  Jackson School in St Albans is one of the special schools involved in this project.

The Jackson School Community Partnership Pilot Project began in 2014.  The Pilot Group developed the School Based Framework to improve parent consultation and involvement in post school pathway planning.  The Jackson Action Team is now focused on engaging the partner service organisation's providers in programs that deliver information and access to parents about the post school opportunities for their children.

VET Cluster Support for Brimbank and Melton

Future Connect aim to increase VET options available to young people in Brimbank and Melton and increase access and participation.  There has been historic and ongoing support for both LGA VET Cluster Networks with an emphasis from Future Connect on student access, cost, VET provision, administrative self-sufficiency and facilities provision.

Jackson School Community Partnership Project-(JSCPP)

Develop an Action Team of school and community members to improve parental engagement and post school pathways.  Future Connect is an active member of the JSCPP.

School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeships (SBAT's)

Using the Future Connect Careers and Pathways Network as a base to develop understanding and promote SBAT's as a pathway for young people.  Future Connect has taken the initiative and provided lead on this project whose purpose was to promote Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA's) to schools using group trainers, Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) and Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to provide a forum related to access to ASBA's and compliance issues.

Men's Shed Mentoring Program

Taylors Hill 2015 Men's Shed Mentoring Program

Taylors Hill 2015 Men's Shed Mentoring Program

Provide opportunities for leadership, engagement and mentoring for primary students via an alliance with the Melton Men's Shed.  Future Connect brokered a partnership via Melton Men's Shed Coordinator to provide 6 week workshops to Grade 6 boys at Melton and Taylor Hill Men's Sheds.