“A Gesture” School Based Traineeships

The BMLLEN has facilitated the introduction of a School Based Traineeship program in Transport and Warehousing called “A Gesture” based in Sunshine.

“A Gesture” is a dynamic not-for-profit organisation that is committed to making a difference by working with Second Bite sourcing fresh nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing it to people who are homeless, living in disadvantaged circumstances or experiencing food security issues within the community.  “A Gesture” also offers work experience and life skills for unemployed individuals to gain proficiency in warehousing and food logistics.  In a supportive and kinesthetic learning environment participants engage with a hands-on program that aims to create fundamental building blocks that spark personal growth to become job-ready.

Not only does “A Gesture” provide students with the opportunity to gain practical warehousing experience they give back to the community by sorting and distributing surplus food that would otherwise go to waste to local charities in the Brimbank and Melton areas.

Kevin Hall, the Program Manager of “A Gesture”, is delivering the program out of warehouse and training facilities in Somerville Road, Sunshine.  Recruitment of Years 10 and 11 students for the traineeships has begun for the Brimbank and Melton schools and traineeships are due to commence in July.

For more information visit: www.agesture.org

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