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Child Safe

Child Safe Statement

Future Connect is committed to the safety and wellbeing of the young people we work with and requires all staff, the Board and any contractors and volunteers to ensure the work environment and activities (initiatives/events/meetings including on-line events and any interactions with young people) function safely.

Purpose: The purpose of the Child Safety Code of Conduct is to outline appropriate standards of behaviour for all adults towards students and young people. The aim is to protect students and young people, reduce any opportunities for abuse or harm to occur and promote child safety in our own and other’s working environments.  Where a staff member, volunteer or sub-contractor breaches the code, the LLEN will take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant legislation in Victoria.

Click on the link below to view the Child Safe Incident Report form

Please send completed report to either FC Chief Executive Officer Deirdre Hardy or Future Connect Chair, Piper Rodd

Child Safe Incident Report