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Future connect board

Future Connect Board - 2023


The 2023 Future Connect AGM was held on 16 May 2023 at Quatrefoils Restaurant at Catholic Regional College in Sydenham.  Click on the link to view the 2020 Future Connect Annual Report -

Chair, Piper Rodd conducted the meeting and the following agenda items were discussed:

  • Apologies to the meeting were read
  • Minutes of previous Future Connect AGM held 17 May 2022  were accepted
  • Chair's and Executive Officer's Reports were read
  • Finance Report and audited Financial Statements were presented and accepted
  • Election of new Board was accepted

Board for Future Connect

There were 3 vacancies notified for the Future Connect Board and one nomination was received.  The 2023 Future Connect Board comprises the following people:

  • Piper Rodd (Chair)
  • Maree Roberts (Deputy Chair)
  • Reana Cazar (Re-nominated)
  • Catherine Armstrong
  • David Turnbull
  • Two vacant positions

Advisory Groups

Future Connect is seeking people who may be interested in joining Future Connect Advisory Groups.  These groups will enable members and other key stakeholders to contribute insight and expertise into Future Connect's work and to learn from each other.

Advisory group Terms of Reference

Advisory group nomination form

Would you like to know more?

Contact our Chief Executive Officer, Deirdre Hardy on email:

or via the office on 03 8595 5552 or 041 525 0324.  We'd love to hear from you.