Realise Your Potential

Launching our co-designed video on the 'do's and don'ts of writing a resume!' as part of our Realise Your Potential project, this video was made for and by neurodiverse young people to support their career journeys. Check out the video below and download the top tip sheets below to get started on your resume!

How to structure your resume

1. contact details

2. About me

3. strengths

4. experience

5. qualifications

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Realise Your Potential is a co-design project with neurodiverse young people to support their career pathways. In 2021 we invited neurodiverse young people to a workshop to co-design career development activities. We worked with Chris Varney from the iCAN network to facilitate accessible and inclusive online workshops. To make the workshop more accessible we had Jessamy Gee, a graphic recorder from Think In Colour to bring the words to life in pictures during the workshop.

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The purpose of the workshop was to co-design career development activities for Future Connect to run in 2022 for neurodiverse young people.  The workshop unpacked the unique strengths and challenges of the young people and brainstormed ideas to make career activities accessible and inclusive.

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We had 14 young people taking part in the workshop who came up with the idea for a series of resume writing videos to make career events more accessible and inclusive. We hosted a further workshop in March 2022 to map out the content and design of the resume videos.

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The young people developed the idea of a series of resume writing videos, made accessible by being short (2-3 minutes), focused on one topic per video and featuring good and bad examples.

We plan to make 3 illustrated educational videos, 2-3 minutes each. Each video will focus on a topic and provide good and bad examples so that young people can easily watch and rewatch the specific topic they need information on.

We would like to thank all the young people attending the workshop for their input, story sharing and ideas.

This workshop was funded by a grant from Brimbank City Council and we extend our thanks for Council for this funding.

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Learn more about the project in the following video: