Publications and Statistics

urther information on resources and statistics will be added to this page.  Please check regularly for updates.


BMLLEN Annual Report 2014

BMLLEN 2014 Annual Report

BMLLEN Information Booklet

BMLLEN Information Booklet 2014

Environmental Scan

Download the 2012 Environmental Scan (Updated November 2013) Click here

Brimbank/Melton 2014 - 2015 School Leavers Guide

A Guide to employment services for young people in the Brimbank Melton area - information for young people leaving school, parents and Career Counsellors.  All services listed are free.

BMLLEN School_Leavers Guide 2014-2015

Brimbank/Melton Youth Program Directory 2012/2013

Brimbank/Melton 2012/2013 Youth Program Directory - most current version

Brimbank/Melton Youth Services Directory 2014 

2014 BMLLEN Youth Services Directory - most current version

Post School Destination of Vulnerable Groups 2013

See attachment for destination data for vulnerable students in the Brimbank and Melton area.

Destination Data Vulnerable Groups 2013

 Adolescent Community Profiles

The Adolescent Community Profiles were launched by Minister Peter Hall on Friday, 13th May 2011.  The series of Adolescent Community Profiles draw on data on outcomes for children compiled through the Victorian Child and Adolescent Systems (VCAMS).  These profiles provide local level information on the health, learning, development, safety and wellbeing of adolescents aged to 10 to 17 years.

Adolescent Community Profiles

The profiles are shown by local government areas.  The Brimbank and Melton reports can be downloaded separately.


Why do we encourage all young people to successfully complete Year 12?

Our Task: Breaking The Cycle - this diagram shows the (statistical) links between not completing Year 12 and undesirable outcomes for the individual, his/her family and the community.

Our Task Breaking the cycle

What's in it for me? - the slides in the powerpoint format include ideas and data you may use to encourage young people to not only stay at school but to also aim for further education and training.

What's in it for me? 



Academic data (VCE, VET, VCAL) plus On Track Statistics for Brimbank and Melton Schools

The following table is a combination of data published in December in newspapers - showing numbers and completion rates for VCE, VET and VCAL students - and the 'On Track' destinations for the same students (published in June the following year), i.e. The 2011 Year 12 students had their academic results published December 2011, and where they have gone to after leaving school was published in June 2012.

The data shows how the outcomes have changed in each school over the years shown.


Useful Statistics Links:

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