Strategic Goal 1

Improve retention and educational outcomes for young people with particular focus on identified disadvantaged groups

Major Partnership Strategies

  1. Research current retention and destination outcomes for all students with particular focus on disadvantaged students, e.g. low socio-economic, indigenous students, refugee students and students with disabilities.
  2. Broker partnerships between schools and other relevant agencies to identify methods, programs and resources required to enhance retention and destination outcomes for young people.
  3. Support implementation measures identified by partners to redress educational disadvantage.


Strategic Projects and Programs

The following activities are currently being undertaken by Brimbank/Melton LLEN and project partners to achieve Goal 1:

Strategic Projects & Programs
VET Cluster Support-Brimbank & MeltonApplied Learning Support & Promotion-VET Melton promotion
Futures ForumMAV/VCAL Numeracy Project
Career & Pathways Networks x 2SBAT Development & Promotion-Forum
Melton Careers ExpoTransition to Independence
Brimbank Career & Jobs FairCollaborative Youth Transition Trial
Western Edge Cluster, Trade Training CentreVCE Revision Program
Career Curriculum Framework ProjectDisadvantaged Student Data Project
Indigenous Mentoring Programs-AIMETry-A-Trade Days


The following networks support the work of the BMLLEN.  The BMLLEN has various roles within each network, ranging from initiator to participant.

Brimbank Learning & Employment Steering CommitteeBrimbank VET Cluster
Brimbank Careers NetworkMelton VET Cluster
Melton Careers NetworkBrimbank Careers & Jobs Fair Planning Team
Western Edge Trade Training Centre NetworkIndigenous Programs Planning Team (DEECD)
Melbourne West Trade Training Centre NetworkMelton Community Learning Board
Transition to Independence Steering CommitteeCollaborative Youth Transition Trial