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VET Research

Future Connect in collaboration with Dr Piper Rodd from Deakin University conducted research on Student choice, public perception and the accessible provision of Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways in Brimbank and Melton.

The research was undertaken to understand how people in Brimbank and Melton view Vocational Education and Training courses and also to explore how accessible VET courses are in Brimbank and Melton.

 Questionnaires developed by Dr. Piper Rodd were used as survey tools and were completed by respondents:

  • 48 Students
  • 54 Parents
  • 43 Teachers
  • 40 Community Members.

We started questionnaires and focus groups in July 2019 and this was completed by the end of November 2019.

In total we had 185 people respond to the survey questions.

We also had more than 40 people attend more in-depth focus group sessions. 5 of these sessions were completed.

Future Connect are thankful to all participants for sharing their experiences, thoughts and insights.