Vocational Education & Training (VET) - Melton

Young people who have a chance to experience the world of work in a supportive environment will soon understand the importance of getting to work on time, wearing the 'right gear', taking initiative while bouncing ideas off work mates and communicating individually and in a team.  There is no doubt that VET provides this experience and much more.  Vocational education is geared to a different learning style - it is applied learning that provides students with increased motivation, improved organisational skills, opportunities to explore a wider range of career pathways and links literacy and numeracy to practical applications, validating why they need to learn these skills.

Western Edge VET Cluster (Melton)

As with the Brimbank area, Melton schools have developed and participated in a very successful VET Cluster for over a decade.  Government, Catholic and Independent schools have historically participated in a VET delivery model which demonstrates sound governance, equity and access, financial and accountability practices with support from the BMLLEN.

Over the decade The Western Access VET Cluster has grown to 7 member schools offering up to 12 different VET subjects, catering for almost 300 students.

These statistics only relate to cluster provision and do not take into account of the additional subjects run within each school.  Courses run in areas such as automotive, children's services, construction, engineering, electrotechnology, hairdressing, sport and recreation, digital media, horticulture, plumbing, vetamorphous and information technology.

The recent success of the BMLLEN led "Trade Training in Schools" application in the Melton area, has resulted in funding for new trade facilities in the following areas, i.e. Construction, Engineering, Electrotechnology and Hairdressing.

List of schools in the Western Edge Cluster
Catholic Regional College Melton
Kurunjang Secondary College
Melton Secondary College
Melton Specialist School
Staughton College
Lakeview Senior College
Melton Christian College