Contract & Strategic Goals


Future Connect is: A place to connect young people with pathways to education and employment.

Our vision: We see a bright future where our community works together so all young people dream, aspire, connect and achieve

How we will do this:

Transparent: we value the input of the community and will communicate openly and honestly. We believe information should be available to all stakeholders in an accessible way.

Collaborative: we will work with partners, students and local residents to achieve the best outcomes. Any organisations we work with must align with our values.

Impactful: we will work effectively to achieve outcomes for Brimbank / Melton. We will avoid duplication and collaborate with organisations that further our impact.

Inclusive: we work towards equality by supporting diverse young people, including Indigenous young people, those with disability, new and emerging community groups and women in traditionally male industries such as some Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Future Focus: we believe in the young people of Brimbank and Melton and support them to develop the skills they will need further into the 21st Century.

The work of Future Connect centres around 4 strategic pillars

  1. Improve the understanding of different education and employment pathways and ensure the value and benefits of each pathway is considered by young people and those influencing their decisions.  This pillar is all about young people, the community and employers
  2. Support employment and training aspirations of young people
  3. Facilitate greater community inclusion for all young people and their parents and families
  4. Organisational Effectiveness


Future Connect is funded by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to develop partnerships which result in an increase in the number and range of school employer engagement activities including;

  • structured workplace training, work experience and school community work
  • school based apprenticeships and traineeships
  • guest speakers and presenters from industry
  • workplace visits and industry tours
  • mock interviews and work readiness preparation