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International Women's Day Event

Feeling Inspired and Empowered!

Being part of an International Women's Day event as a male was unexpectedly empowering! Whilst the day was developed for a group of young women in Year 9, I couldn't help myself from being excited, following with great interest the careers of a group of women who spoke of pursuing their passions and not those based on the expectations of society. I was so inspired from what was being spoken in the event.

Creating something special, Future Connect worked hard behind the scenes, forming a day that was specifically designed to empower and encourage women within their career choices. The ‘All Girls Can - Seek to Celebrate Women's Achievements’ event hosted, constructing something of value for women was a challenging yet gratifying experience, the day was intended to have Year 9’s best interests within itself, and the activities given were no short of that.

The event featured various speakers who work across all Emergency Services, a Train Driver, Mayor, Communications Manager and Operations Coordinator. Actively advocating for women in non traditional industries. Encouraging young women, to pursue their dream careers.

Following the speakers, Sacha Kaluri, a motivational speaker, had the group thinking through what it meant to all work together, to unite and to help each other. Everyone participated in the activities and that got everybody in the audience active, giving life and motivating everyone challenge society. Sacha had made a true, positive impact on the Year 9’s minds.

With the event coming to an end, the Year 9’s felt empowered, left the event with more information than before, were more open to dedicating to whichever job suited them best, based on what they believed within themselves and not based upon society’s expectation of women.

What an absolute success it was! A warm thank you to all that attended, spoke as a guest speaker and helped set up the event!

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Hi, my name is Jerome!

I am born and raised in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I am 18 years old and have 3 older siblings. I have grown up with friends and family, in a safe and open environment. I've undertaken a gap year after freshly graduating from year 12 in 2020. I am interested in the field of psychology and plan to study this area at university in 2022. Throughout my final year at school, I planned on using my gap year to gain valuable experience within the field of youth work and volunteering and have found a great opportunity within Future Connect. With a passion to help youth within my community as well as branching out further in the future, my goal is set to positively change wellbeing as we see it today.