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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

What are they?

If you like the idea of earning while you're learning then an Apprenticeship and Traineeship may be right for you.  They are a great way to secure a good job and get the training you need at the same time.  Depending on the industry and training they can take from 1 year to 3 years or more to complete.  Training can be done on the job, off the job, or as a combination of both.

Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships are available in more than 500 occupations.  Contact the following organisations or visit their websites for more information.

Australian Apprenticeships Referral Line: 13 38 73

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways Free call: 1800 338 022

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network - there to help

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network deliver apprenticeship support services.  They are also a good place to find out about apprenticeship opportunities and information about training.  Apprenticeship Networks:

  • Provide assistance to employers, apprentices, trainees and and training providers
  • Market and promote opportunities in the local area
  • Administer incentive payments to employers
  • Administer personal benefits to Apprentices and Trainees
  • Work effectively with Job Active providers, Group Training Organisations, Registered training Organisations (RTO's), schools and community organisations

Australian Apprenticeship Centres in Brimbank and Melton
Apprenticeship Support Australia Powered by:
VECCI Apprenticeship Services
Ph: 1300 363 831
MEGT (Australia) Ltd
Suite 2
The Harvester Centre
2 Devonshire Rd
Sunshine 3020
Ph: 9312 7511
MAS National
301 Foleys Rd
Deer Park 3023
Ph: Freecall 1300 627 628
Sarina Russo Apprenticeships
151 Harvester Rd
Sunshine 3020
Freecall: 1300 178 776
301 Foleys Rd
Deer Park
Ph: 1300 000 AGA (242)


Join Deirdre Hardy, Executive Officer from Future Connect and Ollie Gladwell, Manager Mentoring Services from MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider, as they explain everything you need to know about SBATs in the video below.


If you already know what industry you would like to get into visit a GTO.  These organisations have a network of host employers who are willing to take on an apprentice or trainee.  A GTO will interview you and determine if you would be suitable for one of their host employers.  The host employer gives you a place to work whilst you complete your years of training.  The GTO is your "legal Employer" and they are the ones who pay you, arrange your training, support you with uniform and any other things that will help you complete the apprenticeship or traineeship.

Being employed by a GTO can be useful, especially if the host employer is no longer able to employ you.  The GTO would step in and find another host employer to continue with until you have completed your work hours and study requirements.

There are many GTOs in Victoria.  Some GTOs specialise in a particular industry whilst others cover a broad range of industries. Check out the GTOs in your local area or go to the GTO website for more information.

Group Training Companies
AFL Sports ReadyPh: 8413 3500
Sport & Recreation
University Pathways
AFL Industry courses
Indigenous programs
AFL Arts ReadyPh: 8413 3500
Arts & Creative Industries
AGAPh: 1300 000 242
Building & Construction
Construction Pathways
Education Support
(Check AGA website for daily employment vacancies)
Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee CentrePh: 1300 761 944
Peak National Industries Association
Apprentice & Trainee Centre
Australian Brick & Block Laying Foundation1300 66 44 96
GForce Employment Solutions1800 289 675
Building & Construction
Information Technology
MEGT Ph: 9312 7511/13 69 63
Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider offering support to Employers, Apprentices and Trainees across Australia
NECA Education & Careers1024 Lygon St Carlton 3053
9381 1922
Electrical Apprenticeships
Business Traineeships
IT Traineeships
Data/AV/Security (Telecommunications Traineeships)
TAFE courses
VACC Ph: 9829-1111
WPC GroupPh: 1300 656 461
Automotive & Engineering
Indigenous Employment Program



Pre-apprenticeships give a head start to an apprenticeship. These are usually a 16 week course at TAFE or other Registered Training Provider.  The course is an introduction to the apprenticeship training you will complete in a particular industry.  You complete study topics from the apprenticeship course which gives you the skills and knowledge to manage the full apprenticeship with an employer.

A pre-apprenticeship gives you the opportunity gain a more realistic expectation of the work involved in a partciular trade.  It can also help you decide if this is the right career for you.

Some high demand pre-apprenticeship courses, such as electrical and plumbing, can require you to complete an entry test.  This test is set at about Year 10 level and an average level of english comprehension, mathematics and an understanding of basic scientific concepts should get you through the entry test.

To get an idea of the maths and english levels required for apprenticeships in a specific industry go to the following website to download an Apprenticeships Aptitude Quiz.

Many employers prefer applicants to enrol in a pre-apprenticeship before they decide to take them on as an apprentice.  Pre-apprenticeship courses are available throughout the year.  For information on starting dates for these courses, contact the TAFE line 13 18 23.

AGA 301 Foleys Rd Deer Park 3023
Ph: 1300 000 AGA (242)

Building & Construction
Federation University TAFE University Drive Mount Helen 3350 (Ballarat)
Ph: 1800 333 864

Building & Construction
Furniture making
Kangan InstitutePh: 13 82 33
Automotive (Docklands)
Building & Construction (Broadmeadows)
Electrical (Broadmeadows)
Engineering (Broadmeadows)
Horticulture (Broadmeadows)
Plumbing (Broadmeadows)
Masters Plumbers: PICACPh: 1300 222 727
Melbourne Polytechnic Preston & other sites
Ph: 9269 1200

Visit website to view courses
NECA Education & CareersPh: 9381-1922
RMITPh: 9925-2260
Construction pathways
Victoria University Polytechnic
Ph: 1300 823 387
Building & Construction
Civil Construction
Electrotechnology studies
Furniture finishing