The BMLLEN ‘We need a new logo’ design project needs you!

If you’ve got some mad design skills BMLLEN wants you. We’re assembling a group of design-interested secondary students to create our new logo.

As part of the selected group of students you will work with BMLLEN as your client, a professional design studio as your mentor and others within the student design group as your peers to create the new look for BMLLEN.

If design is your thing and you want to be part of this awesome opportunity, show us what you’ve got - submit an idea for a logo design, tell us why you want to be involved and see how you go!

This project will constitute a work placement and the brand can be used in a portfolio. It will be a real world experience rarely offered to secondary students – and it’s going to be great!

What are you waiting for - get designing!

Entries close June 22

What to do now:

Sign up or Register your interest to keep up to date.

An entry kit will be available for download shortly.
If you are registered we’ll send it direct to your email, otherwise check back soon.

Start on your design

Get your sign offs sorted

Think about the reasons why you want to be involved (in 300 words or less )

Things to note.
To take part you’ll need to:

  • be released from school one day a week in Term 3
  • get an official okay from your school
  • get your parents / guardians permission
  • be prepared to work in a real-world environment at Caroline Springs and Port Melbourne.

One final note, the logo you design for entry is for selection purposes only. The design process will start fresh once the project begins. That’s the heads up – now you know everything. Go design!


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