“Growing Up Online” Cyber Safety Information Sessions

Protecting children from online threats was the subject of a presentation made by Susan McLean, Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and young people.  Susan was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years and in 1994 took her first report of cyber bullying.  From this case, she identified the emerging problem of internet harassment.  She continued in the police for many years, researching and training at the highest level internationally, ultimately establishing the organisation’s approach to child online safety.

Susan presented the cyber safety sessions at Melton Township, Caroline Springs and Sunshine.  The sessions were aimed at parents of primary and secondary school children and school staff.  The BMLLEN supported, promoted and organised the event.

In her presentation Susan covered topics such as cyber bullying, sexting, on-line grooming, safety of apps etc.  Feedback from parents indicated that many were unaware of the risks that their children faced using common technology.

More information around the above topics can be found at Susan’s website;