Welcome to Ava Ter

This week we welcomed Ava Ter to the Future Connect Team. Ava is our West As Project Officer. The West As project is a  co-design approach that sees Future Connect, young people, employers and  community members collaborating to develop innovative ideas that can help  connect young people in the West with their futures.

Ava graduated from RMIT in January 2022 with a Master of International Development. She spent three months as an intern at Wyndham City Council and the Australian Learning Community Network as a virtual learning festival project assistant. During her study time at university, she also worked as a restaurant manager assistant in a restaurant in Melbourne. Prior to her Masters study, Ava was a journalist and had primarily worked in content creation and communication roles for the five years prior.

The West As Project Officer role with Future Connect will allow Ava to continue with the work that she enjoys, which involves engaging and supporting young people and community members. Ava looks forward to using her skills and experience to contribute to the West As project aiming to help young people access different employment opportunities more effectively.