Successful Transition to Secondary School-Parents Making A Difference

The BMLLEN is currently running a series of Parent Forums for grade 5 & 6 parents on preparing their child for a successful transition to secondary school.  The BMLLEN has engaged the services of Angie Wilcock, a highly regarded Australian expert and speaker on transition in education.  Angie has presented at National and State conferences, is an author of the book, ‘The Transition Tightrope’ and regularly appears on television talking about parenting strategies to support young adolescents in their education. 

The first forum will be conducted on Monday 9 September at the Melton Library & Learning Hub, the second forum in the series will be held on Thursday 12 September at the Victoria University Sunshine Convention Centre in Ballarat Rd Sunshine.  Angie engages the parents in an interactive, informative and entertaining discussion on what parents face as their child moves into secondary schooling and through adolescence.  Last year’s sessions were well supported and acclaimed by the parents that attended.  The theme of Angie’s presentation is:

“To keep your B.O.A.T. afloat you need to have”:

Balance between work and play

Organisational skills


Time management skills

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