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Business, Industry Training and Education (‘BITE’) Exchange

What is the BITE Exchange?

BITE Exchange Handbook

Click on the link below to view the BMLLEN BITE Exchange Booklet.

BMLLEN_BITE Exchange Booklet

As part of our Contract Implementation Plan, the BMLLEN has been working to establish the "BITE Exchange".

The Business, Industry, Training and Education (BITE) Exchange is primarily a partnership brokering service to match schools and businesses with a shared program or project of mutual benefit.  The development of a successful school-business partnership requires a medium to long term commitment to the partnership and that both parties need to have:

  • a shared sense of ownership of the relationship
  • good communication between the school and the business partner
  • a clear vision of what the relationships want to achieve and how to achieve it
  • specific achievable goals that all the stakeholders understand and support
  • strong leadership and management
  • a school that is well-connected to the community, other educators and business
  • strong promotion of the relationship in the school and business
  • appropriate and adequate resourcing for the partnership

The BMLLEN are currently making contact with local Brimbank and Melton businesses in order to solicit offers of engagement with schools in the following areas:

Industry Awareness: Industry tours, guest speaking, Work Inspiration Program

Sponsorship & Scholarship:  Scholarships/Sponsorships and Awards

Work Readiness/Career Planning: Mock Interviews/Work Readiness Programs

Industry Participation: Work Experience/Part-time work/School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT's)

Leadership & Professional Development: Business Mentors and Coaching/Industry-School Training and Development

The BITE Exchange will also investigate Business & Industry links for our 11 Trade Training Centres in the Brimbank/Melton network of schools.