May Brimbank-Melton Careers Network Mting 001

Brimbank/Melton career practitioners' network

Brimbank Melton Careers & Pathways Network meetingThe Brimbank/Melton Careers Practitioner Network will again operate in 2021.  The network meets each term throughout the school year and is well represented and supported by the Government, Independent and Catholic education secondary schools in the Brimbank/Melton area.

The Network meetings are also attended by representatives from Universities, TAFE's, RTO & GTO organisations.  The aim of the Career Practitioner Network is to provide a forum for Careers Practitioners to meet, share resources, exchange information, keep informed about local issues and discuss career pathway planning trends and information.

For further information contact:

Lyndsay Mandaru, Future Connect, 0415 528 235